7 Secrets of a Primary Chorister

Primary Helpers

And why it is the best-kept secret of all church callings.

In My Pretty Grden the Flowers are Naughty

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss of being the primary chorister is about? If you are newly called, don’t let the fact that you can’t sing or read music worry you, or that there are 78 pairs of eyes expecting you to entertain.

I’ve been a primary chorister for over 10 years combined, and I’ve got 7 reasons that explain why being primary choristerized (yes, I made that up) is the best kept secret in the church.

#1: You Don’t Have to Climb a Mountain
to Find God

You-Don't-Have-to-Climb-a-MountainSome people do the nature thing to seek out God. They join a peace retreat in the wilderness or practice the Lotus Position on a mountaintop. After 30 days of malnourished silence they re-enter the world feeling centered, balanced, and deeply spiritual.

Sheesh! How easy would that be? They…

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