In the Spirit of Running

Let me just say upfront I am extremely UN-fit, but I am working on it. Getting in shape is such a slow process, it seems, and it is hard.

I was running the indoor track at the I-Center at BYU-Idaho on Friday, which was my birthday, huffing and puffing and feeling some serious pain in my legs. Maybe I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, too, that I let myself get this out of shape.

That’s when I came upon him:


I don’t know much about him, except that his name is Don.


His father was walking laps around the track, engrossed in a novel, and Don was doing his laps too.

In spirit.

I asked if I could take his picture, and he said yes, and a huge smile lit up his face.


And then he said, “Good job!” to me, referring to my half-hearted laps.

It was a perfect birthday reminder that I have been blessed with life, and a body that can run, for another year.

Don may not have have a body that can run today, but his spirit is taking these laps seriously; he “ran” at least a mile while I was there.

Thanks Don, for the best birthday gift: Inspiration! Appreciation! and Gratitude!

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