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Keith and Bridgette Patterson

My name is Bridgette Jerome Patterson and I live in Rexburg, Idaho. I am an online adjunct instructor for BYU-Idaho, teaching COMM 150: Interpersonal Theory and Practice.

I was raised in Ferron, Utah. As an adult I’ve lived in Medford, Oregon; Woodburn, Oregon; Willsonville, Oregon; Pueblo West, Colorado; Pueblo, Colorado; Chandler, Arizona; and Pleasant Grove, Utah.

My hobbies include blogging, web development and design, digital imaging, writing, history, reading, genealogy, photography, and quilting.

My husband, Keith, has worked at BYU-Idaho since 1990. He is the Associate Dean for the College of Business and Communication, and he teaches Accounting. We are both serving in the BYU-Idaho YSA 7th Stake; Keith is the executive secretary, and I am a stake Relief Society advisor.

 When Keith and I are not in school or working we love to travel and explore.

Keith and I with our children shortly after we married in 1998.

Keith and I with our children shortly after we married in 1998.

Keith and I were married in 1998 and have a blended family. He has 6 children and I have 3, and they have all always lived with us, except for Stephanie, who lived with her mom. Keith’s children are Stephanie, Alan, Janelle, Felicia, Carolyn and Ryan. They are all married now and having babies of their own, living from Idaho to California. We have 24 grandchildren. Twenty-four! I can hardly believe it myself.

Love being gramma!

Love being gramma!

Family picture, 2009.

Taken in 2009, this was the last time we were able to get all our kids together in the same place!


My children are Jourdan, Zachary, and Jacob. My daughter, Jourdan, lives in New York. My son, Zachary, lives in Rexburg, and my son, Jacob, lives in Pocatello.

My Kiddos

Once upon a time they were small: Jourdan age 5; Zachary age 2; Jacob age 3 months.


Jourdan has an Associates degree from BYU-Idaho in Sociology, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. She manages Eli Halili in Manhattan and she’s a Curve model for MSA Models in Manhattan.


Jourdan - MSA Models


Zach is between semesters at BYU-Idaho, and is working for Bear World. He plays a variety of musical instruments but his passion is the bari-sax. He is studying to be an aquatic otolaryngologist.



Jacob will always be my baby, even though he’s 6′ 4″. He recently married Nora, who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Jacob is a student at ISU studying Sociology, and Jacob and Nora both work for Convergys.

Jacob and Me



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