Framed Fine Art

Concha Sea

This was from the photoshoot I did while creating my Lightroom ACR assignment. I drove to Egin Lakes a couple of hours before sunset.  I love  and miss the ocean, so I was hoping to recreate an ocean scene. I brought the conch shell with me to Egin Lakes from home. It was a gift my husband received from his brother when his brother visited Hawaii about 20 years ago. I was delighted to see how beautiful it reflected the sun’s rays.

The edits I used were:

  1. Lightroom Gradient Tool: I used on the sky because it was blown out. I applied it at an angle, and increased the levels of blue and the contrast.
  2. Lightroom Vibrance: I increased the vibrance levels slightly to bring out the colors and textures.
  3. Lightroom Warmth to give the sand a warmer, more realistic tone of the true color of the sand.
  4. Lightroom Clarity: I increased the clarity slightly.
  5. Lightroom Post Crop Vignette: I added a slight post crop vignette to draw the eyes away from the edges and to bring more of the focus to the conch shell.
  6. Photoshop Sharpening Mask: I used this mask to sharpen the sand surrounding the shell. This area was already in clear focus, but I wanted to give it a extra bump of clarity.

After resizing the photo for printing, I went to Jeff Smith’s office in the McKay library to ask him to print it. First we printed a test photo that was smaller, then printed it to the frame size of 16×24.  I found my frame at Porter’s in Idaho Falls. I brought the frame to Jeff Smith’s office and framed it there at the work table shortly after it printed.


Concha Sea – Original


Video Presentation

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