Perspective of Twelve

Old Radio

This was a fun shoot, although challenging, believe it or not. Now that I have a basic understanding of how lighting affect the outcome, I am obsessed with getting the lighting right – and it’s making for some very late nights. All the photos were shot with combinations of a speedlight with soft box, a 5 in 1 reflector, and a tripod.

Old Radio Edit 1

This was my favorite edit. In Lightroom I added vibrance and increased the clarity and luminosity. There is a slight vignette added.


Old Radio Edit 2

This as taken through the front of the glass of the radio where the dial once was. I focused, using a tripod, on the contents on the other side of the glass. Edits include increasing the whites and deepening the blacks in the histogram, raising the clarity, and increased sharpening.


 Old Radio Edit 3

This is a different angle of the view through the same radio dial window. Post editing include increasing the contrast and deepening the blacks.

















3 thoughts on “Perspective of Twelve

  1. Bridgette, these are beautiful! I love the soft light that is incorporated into each shot. I think that light in photos sets them apart. Your angles are very unique, which make your photos that much better! You are one talented lady! 🙂

  2. These are very well done. What a interesting way to look at the radio. I really love the close ups on the different aspects of the radio. I think they make for very interesting photos. Good job!

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