Photo Book

My photo book represents the best of my work for my COMM 300, Digital Imaging class. I began this course hoping to gain confidence in my photography skills and I do, indeed, have more confidence than before.  I have gained the most self-assurance in using the manual settings on my camera and I have a better understanding of how to use light.

One of my goals was to stretch myself and take photos of places I have never seen but that are located within 30 minutes from my home. This goal was a challenge for me because it would mean taking precious time away from my other homework and it came with the risk of an “all-nighter” to catch up. I had several locations to choose from, but I finally decided on Egin Lakes, Idaho.

I was richly rewarded by my choice. Everyone who knows me knows that there’s nothing I love more than a warm sandy beach. Usually I opt for one with palm trees and an ocean, but I was delightfully surprised the afternoon I spent taking photos at Egin Lakes. This was the inspiration for the cover of my photo book.

I also like things that are clean and fresh, not too fussy. However, sometimes I over-think my ideas and they become cluttered. To avoid this, I chose a simple page style that limited the number of photos on each spread.  I committed myself to staying with this style for most of the photo book. Doing this style forced me to narrow my favorite photo choices to just a few. The end result is in the PDF below:


Click Photo to view PDF


Click here to view PDF: BridgettePatterson Photo Book

Photo Book Fonts

Sans Serif – Raleway
Script – Jane Austin
Sans Serif – Raleway

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