Fine Art Template & Tasteful Typography

Fine Art Template

I had a hard time deciding which of my photos to use for this assignment. Finally I chose to go outside and shoot something new. The colors in this sunset are the real deal – no enhancements. I did a very conservative amount of editing in Lightroom, adjusting the shadows and adding luminance. Creating the template in Photoshop using the clipping mask was much easier than I thought, and fun. It’s something I’ll definitely use in the future.


Fine Art Template



Tasteful Typography

As much as I love photography and design, I also love music. Among my favorite memories are listening to my momma sing hymns and primary songs. I chose  three songs to go with my fitness motivational theme: Rejoice the Lord is King, Let Us All Press On, and Press Forward Saints. Once again my sweet husband, Keith, let me take shots of him while he was working out at the BYU-I fitness center – and I am sure I embarrassed him. Now isn’t that true love? I owe him big.

For these shots I used my 50 mm lens at 1600 ISO. My shutter speed was 1/125. In Lightroom I converted them to black and white, then added a BW Contrast High filter.


Lift Up Your Hearts



Let Us All Press On




Press Forward Saints





Modern No. 20 Regular – Modern
Thin Lines and Curves Regular – Sans Serif

Thin Lines and Curves Regular – Sans Serif

One thought on “Fine Art Template & Tasteful Typography

  1. Your photos are awesome! I love the shots from, what, the gym? That’s awesome! These photos look very professional in that they look like photos that are hard to get, and the typography on them is so nicely done! Awesome idea for type and photo together. I also love your template photo of the sunset, I can’t believe you didn’t enhance the color. Wow!

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