Class Summary

November 14, 2013

It was a treat to hear Brother Tyler Christensen once more, from the Academic Discovery Center. His presentation tonight covered internships.

A few of the things that I learned:

  • Some students expect past experiences to work for their internship, but that is generally not okay.
  • Career Navigator is the place to go for internships. Get informations and apply there.
  • Logs and journal entries are kept whilst working with the internship.
  • There will be a survey for both your employer and you after finishing the internship.
  • Summer sales jobs are not approved for internships.

Brother Christensen finished his lecture with teaching about the Mentor Market Place found under the Alumni tab at the BYU-Idaho website. It is a fabulous resource for finding mentors in the job market one hopes to work for. I can’t wait to use it!


November 7, 2013

Tonight Brother Tyler Christensen from the Academic Discovery Center was the presenter. He taught about graduation plans and degree audits.

Some key items I learned were:

  • Pay attention to the catalogue year. Different years have different requirements.
  • IP is an acronym for “in progress” on the degree audit.
  • RES HRS on the degree audit refers to “resident hours.” Meaning, the hours your body actually spends in class, or at a BYU-I online class.
  • Upper-division level courses are 300+ classes.

It was al very informative, but I already knew most of it, as I have been working with a degree audit and my grad plan for some time now.

October 31, 2013

Sister Beth Hendricks was tonights presenter and she spoke about Advertising as an emphasis in Communication. WOW! What a firecracker she is, and really motivating. Now I am undecided again as to my emphasis: Visual Communication? or Advertising for Communication?

There is a process in Professional Advertising:

  • Source
  • Encoding
  • Message
  • Channel
  • Decoding
  • Receiver

And it all goes back to how the receiver interprets the advertisement; that’s the most important part. Advertisers want and need feedback.

“Copywriters are the most highly paid” in the advertising area of Communication. (Great!)

Four P’s of Marketing

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promoton


  • People

Join the American Advertising Federation (AAF)!

Classifications of Advertising:

  • Target audience
  • Geographic area
  • Medium
  • Purpose

October 24, 1013

Brother Ward Hicks came and talked to us about Public Relations.

He began by encouraging all PR majors to join the PRSSA.

What is PR?

“A planned process to influence public opinion through sound character and proper performance based on mutually satisfactory two-way communication.”

A PR career involves;

  • Media
  • Government
  • Suppliers
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Community
  • Share Holders
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Competitors

The #1 skill for a PR career is writing.

October 17, 2013

Tonight’s presentation was on Video Production and Broadcast Journalism, by BYU-I Professor Brian Howard.

He began by showing some really fun news reporting mishaps and bloopers. It made me laugh, and was just what I needed, as I was in a foul mood.

He then showed a video clip of the inside workings of the BYU video production truck during a BYU basketball playoff. Just thinking about what I saw makes me anxious all over again. It seemed the production team was under a lot of stress. This is probably one part of Communication I will steer clear of. Possibly my dislike of televised sports has something to do with it.

We learned about many of  the different jobs available in Video Production and Broadcast Journalism, including their functions and salaries. None of them really jumped out at me a something I want to do, except maybe video editing.

He gave a description of all the classes a student would need to take for this emphasis, and he stressed the importance if internships.

Professor/Brother Howard ended by showing the class two video productions made by students at BYU-Idaho. I thought they were both entertaining.

October 10, 2013

The presentation tonight by Sister Esplin was fabulous. I felt like I had arrived home, although Sister Esplin is a bit intimidating to me. Perhaps because she is so successful, and so confident. Maybe because I want to be just like her. But I see I have so far to go, and sometimes I think I don’t have what it takes. But maybe I do.

It was all about Visual Communications. Here’s a few of my notes:

  • Make sure you do something in your internship to make yourself indispensable.

Versatile Skill Set with Visual Communication:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video

Two questions employers will ask in an interview:

  • What is your Klout score?
  • Do you know WordPress?

ESD Factor: Efficient – Skilled – Organized

Why are Communication graduates hired?

  • Good website and print portfolio
  • Knows Adobe Creative Suites
  • Writes press releases
  • Creates and edits YouTube videos
  • Great photos and edits
  • Gives professional presentations
  • Markets with social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Knows some web design
  • Communicates
  • I didn’t get the last bullet point!


  • Pray for guidance
  • Do 2 internship expeditions
  • Customized resumes
  • Network
  • Timing and connections
  • Make it happen
  • Have faith and be positive
  • Be willing to do unpaid internships

October 3, 2103

Today was all about Journalism! Not exactly where I think I am headed, but good information, non the less. Brother Williams gave a great presentation.

A couple of  interesting items:

  • Brother Williams urged us to become technically sound; in other words, dont’ be afraid to learn programming and java script. Learn how to build your own pages. This will make you sore marketable. Create your own blog and market yourself in this way.
  • Non fiction is replacing advertising. If a manufacturer of a product can come up with a great stort line of non-fiction, and slip their product into it, success!

At the end of the presentation he showed the class a Youtube video about blogger Stephanie Nielsen. It demonstrated how we can also share our faith through social media. Brother Williams encourages us to share our testimonies in our own sources of social media.

September 23, 2013

Today I learned that through I-Comm you can gain EXPERIENCE!


Learning how to interview well will make me learn how to interview well. Brilliant!

It was a really fun class today. We learned all about I-Comm. Thinking about being a staff writer on the scroll made me feel a bit anxious. But when i heard the words “editor” and “copywriting”, my ears perked up. I think I could do that!

I am also very interested in Radio and Broadcast Journalism – but I think more behind the scenes. I could do a radio voice, but not sure about being in front of a camera. Perhaps something again in production and/or editing.

September 19, 2013

As we entered the classroom we  were each greeted personally by a smiling Sister Scholes. We received a packet of information including the syllabus.

Our guest speaker was Sister Bair, who spoke about internships. I was impressed by the following points:

  • Best jobs given with 2-3 internships. Start now.
  • Three things to do for internship:
  1. – make an appointment to go see her and discuss internships.
  2. Like dept facebook page  Brigham young university communication dept
  3. Creat linked in profile – LI is facebook for grownups.
  • University requires at least 7 weeks for Internships.

Sister Scholes reviews the syllabus information and answered question.

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