Project 3: Photodesign


Description: This was an assignment to demonstrate photography and editing skills, and incorporating color into a poster layout with original photo.

Process: First I chose the monochromatic color scheme. I really like clean colors and simplicity.  I used the best photo from my last assignment of an apple blossom. After importing into photoshop I slightly increased the vibrance. For the poster I opened a new page 11x 8.5. For the first layer I added the photo, then duplicated that layer for safety. The third layer was the same photo duplicated, but I used the selection tool to cut out the blossom and deleted the background. I added the text, then the color swatches, and the swoosh. I wanted the swoosh to be between my two copies of the blossom, so I arranged it to go there. I then changed the layers of color and the image layers all to “oil paint.”

Message: I wanted to create an inspirational poster. Reading lovers, romantics, and Les Miserables fans will appreciate this poster.

Top Thing I Learned: Patience, patience, patience.

Color Scheme: Reds – Monochromatic

Title Font Name and Category: Lucida Calligraphy – 36 Point

Copy Font Name and Category: Optima – 14 point

Thumbnail of Original, Unedited and Inserted:

Composition 2 - Lead Room

Composition 2 – Lead Room

Date and Location of Photo: I took this photo May 2014,  in Thornton, Idaho.

3 thoughts on “Project 3: Photodesign

  1. Wow Bridgette this is beautiful. Are you sure you belong in this class? Haha. Looks professional and I wonder how all you did it. But I really like that effect you used to give it the texture it has now. And the picture of the flower budding from the tree looks like it is placed in just the right spot of the image without being centered.
    Here is what I did mine on:

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