Create Realistic Spinning Effects in Photoshop

by Bridgette Patterson

This tutorial demonstrates how the Spin Blur tool in Photoshop creates realistic motion effects. Motion can be added to stationary wheels or any other stationary ellipse shape in your photos. The Spin Blur tool also has the ability to spin an object at different angles, as well as to imitate strobe effects. Strobe strength, number of flashes and duration can also be defined by using the panel sliders.

I selected this topic because I enjoy learning the small applications of the tools in Photoshop. This tutorial would be most effective when trying to create a moving effect on an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, or even more creative, a merry-go-round, or water going down a drain.

The photo of the car from this tutorial is an original photo and was taken on 26 November 2014. The car is my 2010 Toyota Venza and the setting is the street in front of my house in Lyman, Idaho.

This topic was inspired by the video produced by Adobe Evangelists with Julieanne Kost, “How to Add Realistic Spinning Motion Effects in Photoshop,” which can be found here:

Tutorial PDF

To open or download the PDF of this tutorial click here: Create Realistic Spinning Effects in Photoshop


Now here’s my video tutorial. Be sure to set the video quality to 720p HD for best viewing.

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