My first semester at BYU-Idaho I wanted to take a photography class, but the prerequisite was a basic, online, drawing class (110).  I had not drawn since I was in 8th grade, but I took on the challenge. The basic skills I learned in 110 convinced me that with proper instruction and tools, anyone can learn to draw, and I enjoyed it very much.

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My second semester I enrolled in Photography, which I loved.

Still unsure of my major, I decided I would further explore my drawing skills, so I took Head Drawing.

It took me a long time, (hours and HOURS of practice) to get to the level of drawing shown below. I would use the entire 3 hours of class-time with a live model, then spend 5 or 6 more hours at home (with a photograph of the same model) for each assignment. Most of my classmates were able to produced their drawings in less than 3 hours. Mid-course I realized I hated the pressure of having to rush and I lost patience with not having the natural skill of my classmates. It was not enjoyable, but I continued to do my best.

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As much as I loved the idea of being an art major I am glad I changed to Communication. It feels like I have come home.

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