Project 1: Flyer


This is a black and white flier for Vouant Communications promoting their upcoming Graduate Leadership Conference. Vouant Communications provided the text content, the logo, and the photograph.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)
I began by drawing sketches of various designs. I used one of my sketches to begin the design you see here. The layout was created in Adobe InDesign using the frame tool. After I had the framework the way I wanted it I added the images, logo and text. I like the movement of the orbs which direct the flow from the heading (focal point) to the text, to the photo, and finally to the details at the bottom. I left ample white space, aligned my objects and text boxes, and I used contrast by shading the shapes.

I am hoping to catch the eye of upcoming business graduates, as well as recent business graduates, who may be interested in leadership training. The bold white text in my header is meant to draw them in.

This conference is for pre and post business graduates who are soon to be applying for jobs in the business industry.

Top Thing Learned
The most valuable thing I learned was how to use Adobe InDesign. After attending class and receiving about 30 minutes of instruction, I turned to I-Learn and studied the tutorials provided there. I still did not feel qualified and confident in my knowledge, so I watched several hours of YouTube tutorials on InDesign. After several excellent tutorials, I was able to create the design shown here.

I learned the importance of aligning objects. I think beginning with the frame tool was extremely helpful, and I believe it would have been a benefit to all my classmates, but was not taught in class not in the tutorials provided.

I learned the importance of contrast. Too much white or black creates too light or too heavy a feel. In my early designs I did not use enough black, so there was very little contrast.

Title Font Name & Category
Courier New – Slab Serif

Copy Font Name & Category
Euphemia UCAS – Sans Serif

Links to Images Used in this Project


10 thoughts on “Project 1: Flyer

  1. Bridgette, I love your flier! You demonstrate the principle of repetition with the circles and there is great contrast between the circles and the blocks, and also in your use of black and white. The picture is a really good focal point which draws attention, and then the circles add flow to the piece and draw your eyes to the information and the heading. The fonts that you have used are effective as they are easy to read, and the heading compliments the text.

    Here’s a link to my blog where you can check out my flier:

  2. Bridgette, I like your flier a lot. I really like that you were able to cut out the three people from the provided picture, it added interest to the page! I also like the repetition of the circles. The way you laid out the date, location and time was so professional. I also like that the body copy is rounded around the circle on the page. Great job! Check out my blog at

  3. I really like your flier! The graduate typography even matches with the bubble theme you have going on. I like that you put the website and logo in a black bar on the bottom, so it really does separate it from everything else. The design of the lines you added in the bubble to separate the two sentences brings in a focal point and frames them. I also like how the text curves with the circle. Good job!
    Here is Bryce’s blog:

  4. Wow! Your flyer looks legit! It has a professional vibe about it that I really like, and I think that the way that it naturally flows is so nice! Seriously, you must have done something like this before because it is nicely put together and it does not look like it was done by a beginner. The title font is fun and welcoming, it makes it seem like the conference could be fun. I really like how the body copy curves with the circle and I think that it was a great idea to put the “space is limited” with the contact information and the logo, I makes me think that the event will be a big deal and I should hurry and sign up. I think that over all this flyer is effective and deserves a good grade.
    Here is my websites URL because I can’t figure out how to turn it into a link.

  5. I really like you flier as a whole, its really really good like youve done this a few times, one of the things that i like most about your flier is the repetition that is used through out your whole flier it brings everything together and it directs your eyes through the whole design. you did a great job

  6. Bridgette-

    First of all, I REALLY like your blog a lot, you can tell that time was put into it and it is awesome. The same goes for this flier! This is a very eye-appealing flier that would catch my eye! I love the way that you put the text on the path of the circles so that everything flows together. There is a wonderful movement in this flier that keeps me going through it. The circles really help to do that for the eyes and help us to follow throughout the whole composition. You did an AWESOME job!

    Here is a link to my blog:
    Here is a link to another blog that I really liked:

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