Project 8: Brochure

Brochure Front

Brochure Front


Brochure – Inside

Brochure - Back Left Flap

Brochure – Back Left Flap


Brochure – Back Center

This is a brochure I designed to be a comp card (composition card) representing Jourdan of MSA Models in New York City. A comp card serves as the latest and best of a model’s portfolio and are used as a business card in the industry. This example I created is for a school project and educational purposes only. Much of the body copy in the brochure is fictional, and some is factual.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)
I began by creating a new logo for MSA Models in Photoshop. It is similar to the original, but on the original there is no color blocking, and the font is different. Next I cut out the background of one of Jourdan’s photographs so that she could be a freestanding image against the black background.

Next I moved to InDesign and created two pages, with a trifold layout on an 8.5″ x 11″ page , and added three columns on the two pages, for a trifold brochure. I added a black background. I then added the photos I wanted to use by placing them on the pages, and next I added text boxes, and filled them with placeholder text. Then I manipulated my photos and text boxes to fit in a stylish design on the pages, leaving plenty of white space, using gestalt, and lining all images and text boxes with something.

Next I added my original text, and added headings, separating them from the body text. I used line space style paragraphing. I used text wrap to wrap the text around Jourdan’s body.

After my critiques, I realized I had too many images, so I had to cut a few of them, in order to maintain good balance, and create white space. I spent a lot of time reorganizing the text and photos to fit nicely in the brochure.

The message is to advertise Jourdan’s skills as a professional model.

Potential clients of MSA looking for models for print, runway, commercial, or fit.

Top Thing Learned
I became much more comfortable and confident using InDesign with this project. 

Color Scheme and Color Names
My color scheme is monochromatic, using black to gray.

Title Font Name & Category
SchoolHudson Regular, 13 point

Copy Font Name & Category
SchoolHudson Regular, 11 point

Word Count of Copy

Thumbnails of Images Used

MSA Models Logo


blueleopard_giraffe_front_lowres unnamed (1) a12ac9c47c1ffad0f9e5a560e21c9a18 10325339_10152566154079225_8717189539730487330_n 1536587_10152134180883607_921556356_n 1236101_10151946907284225_1140273771_n 906203_10152041823073607_236418726_o 547266_10151946907289225_362444766_n Jourdan

Sources (Links to images on original websites)

One thought on “Project 8: Brochure

  1. Bridget! I really liked the feel of this brochure. One thing that caught my eye was the way you wrapped the text talking about the model’s size. It is kind of staggered and that was so interesting! I wouldn’t have thought to do that. I like that the whole thing was black. It looked sharp. Great logo on the front as well. It was really well done! You always produce amazing work.

    Check out this blog!
    His work is very well done too.

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