Two Wheels

The challenge was to design a bicycle (or related object) with at least 2 wheels. I originally wanted to do a bear riding a tricycle, but I admit, I get over zealous and bite off more than I can chew. I had to convince myself to make it simple, and so I decided on a retro tricycle.

My biggest hurdle at first was not knowing which style my tricycle was going to be.  At this point I was feeling confident about flat and realistic, but I also wanted to try 2 point perspective. I had a little experience with that in my drawing classes; it would be a challenge, so I decided to try it, but switch to a flat image the moment it was becoming too time consuming.

Here’s a couple of images from Pinterest that I decided to use for reference:

I like the similar style in both photos, but I really liked the headlight and green paint in green tricycle.


I sketched this time in red ink. I experimented with 2 point perspective (loosely) for the most part. These sketches are not meant to be works of art, but after watching my professor’s process video, and how he created illustrations from is sketches, I gained a new understanding of the purpose of the sketches. I should actually be using my sketches to form my digital images.


After I finished my sketches I was eager to start. I decided to give 2 point perspective a try. Soon it was evident this would take too much time for this assignment.

The image below is my shows my artboard with the beginnings of my illustration. Because the pink bike image is flat, I am using it more for the shape reference, but I really like the shape in the tire covers, so I was trying to mimic them from the green bike image.

I realized at this point I would need to look for more light and shadow references. I found the following on Pinterest:

Way cool, right?! So I started…and progressed…..

Finally, I met with my instructor to get some last minute feedback. He asked me what I thought it needed, and I explained the handlebars’ perspective seemed off. He showed me some of the ways this might be fixed, and it was very helpful.

Although I don’t believe the new handlebars are an improvement, I worked with them before turning the assignment in. My instructor once said that he felt his works were never finished – and he is extremely good at what he does. So this is definitely another project I want to revisit, and fix the handlebars, and maybe add a background when I have more time. Heck, maybe one day I’ll add a great big riding bear holding a bunch of balloons.

The Final Piece

I learned many new techniques on this project, and this class is one I look forward to each week.