Project 6: Stationary





Business Card


Enlarged Business Card

Description: The assignment was to create an original logo and incorporate it into a business card design and a stationary letterhead.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used Adobe Illustrator to create the logo. I used shapes to create the fish as well as the line, stamp and brush tools. I used the pathfinder to combine some of the shapes.  I added strokes to all the shapes on the fish to make them stand out a little more. I added a stamp for the circular background, and then a swoosh from a brush as a watermark to go behind the text. I simply duplicated the fish by holding down the command key and dragging. Next I added a fun letterhead and copy text.

I created my business cards next by creating my making card templates, then adding my logo to the center. For the back I used a gold background on the back to match the color of the fishy’s lips. Then I added a stamped image inside a rectangle that matched the same stamped background image on the front of the card. I duplicated another fish, then resized it. I then added my text.

For my stationary I created an 8.5 x 11 page and then duplicated my logo again and added to the stationary page. I duplicated the swoosh from the business card, and incorporated it into my heading. I also duplicated the text from the front of the card and added it to the letterhead. Next I added my contact information to the bottom right corner of my stationary. I was careful to leave a 1/2″ border around all my pages.

Next I opened two new pages in InDesign and imported my designs by using the Place tool. I added a third page and enlarged the business cards specifically for better viewing on this page. Lastly I saved my pages as jpegs to import here to my blog.

Message: The message is that if you use FishyKisses lip balm, your lips will be soft.
Audience: My target audience is girls ages 8 – 18.
Top Thing Learned: I learned how to manipulate shapes in Adobe Illustrator.
Color scheme and color names: Split Complimentary using Red, Orange, and Teal.
Title Font Name & Category: Orange Juice, Decorative.
Copy Font Name & Category: American Typewriter, Slab Serif.


7 thoughts on “Project 6: Stationary

  1. Bridgette, your business is really clever. Fishy Kisses is too good! I love that font you used as well. Great letter head, you really just have such a great eye for everything. Amazing!

    I would love some of your feedback on my projects because I value your opinion after seeing the high quality products you produce.

  2. Hi, Bridgette, I can definitely see that you had fun in this project. The illustrations are so fun and creative. Yet, The business card and the letter head looks clean and professional. You did a really good job. Your business card is definitely one of my favorite business cards in the class so far.

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