COMM 130

Please click on the links below to view:

Project 1 – Flyer



Project 2 – Event Ad



Project 3: Photography

Light 2 - Inside


Project 3: Photodesign



Project 4: Montage 1


 Project 4: Montage 2 (Re-do):


Project 5: Logos

Project 6: Stationary



Project 7: Web Page 


Project 8: Brochure


Project 9: Portfolio

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 6.31.01 PM


One thought on “COMM 130

  1. Bridget!
    Loved having you as a classmate this semester. Your work is outstanding and every project is very well done. Your portfolio is very professional looking and I love the colors you used! The fonts work fantastically with your theme. It is really just well done and I appreciate the feedback you have given me as well. Keep up the good work, I know I will be seeing your work around! 🙂

    Check out Aubrey’s blog!

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