Project 9: Portfolio

Portfolio (

Project Corrections / Time spent
I spent 4 hours re-doing my Montage project. I actually did it over twice, because I didn’t like the first revision. I have created a new page with a detailed description of my Montage. Click here.

Showcase projects and abilities with Visual Media in a portfolio.

Prospective employers

Top Thing Learned
I learned specifics of HTML and CSS and was able to put them to practice. Now I use them daily in my current job.

Future application of Visual Media
When I am asked at work to create a flyer, slideshow, or to make a web page look pretty, I will be prepared, knowing which program works best.

Color Scheme and Color Names
Complimentary, Teal and Brick

Title Font Name & Category
Lobster, Decorative

Copy Font Name & Category
Gil Sans, Sans Serif

Thumbnails of Images Used
I did not use images.

I used to design the shapes in my portfolio.



One thought on “Project 9: Portfolio

  1. I love what you’ve done with your portfolio. Your design is simple and aesthetically appealing. The way you showed all of the information was so unique! I always enjoy seeing your work because you’re wonderful at it. I will definitely remember your portfolio design after this semester ends. Great job Bridgette!

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