Project 4: Montage 2

This is a re-do of my original montage project. The assignment was to create an inspirational montage combining two or more images, and using typography.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, Steps taken while designing):
First I found my two images on the internet, and then I created a word cloud using using the words to the song, Savior Redeemer of my Soul by Orson F. Whitney.  I opened a new file in Photoshop using the requires pixels.  Then I placed my background picture, which is the girl holding a white lotus. I duplicated that layer so I would have a background image, then placed the word could I created between the twin layers.  Next I added a mask layer to the top twin layer, and removed the entire backdrop behind the girl, which revealed all the words. Then I imprted my Tree of Life image, placing it behind the word layer.  I added a layer mask to the Tree of Life image, and then feathered and removed the edges to soften it.  I flattened the image and saved as a .jpeg.

The message is about partaking of the fruit of the Tree of Life, which represents Jesus Christ. I think the girl in the painting represents the way we feel when we have wandered from the iron rod, or Christ’s teachings. When we find our way back, the brightness and whiteness of the fruit renews our souls.

My target audience is anyone can relate to the story of Lehi’s Dream in the Book of Mormon.

Top Thing Learned:
I learned how to use layer masking like a boss.

Filter / Colorization used and where it was applied:
I used a filter to smooth the edges of my layers.
I used a layer masks on the image of the girl, and on the image of the tree of life.

Color scheme and color names:
Triadic – Brick, Lime, Indigo

Title Font Name & Category:
Expressway Regular, Sans Serif

Regular Copy Font Name & Category: None

Thumbnails of Images Used with Sources:

Word cloud I made using


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