Editorial Poster

For this project the goal was to create an editorial poster for a magazine article. The rules are:

The article is about Harvard professor, George Church, who was a member of a team of scientists that discovered how to genetically modify DNA to cure the disease of aging. The modification, however, permanently alters the genes, so any posterity of the individual who has had the gene alteration would also never experience the affects of old age.

The question the article poses: is this genetic modification ethical? Very interesting.

This is the original image from the article:

I tried a new experiment this time with brainstorming for ideas; a word list. The idea is to list key words from the article that stand out, and then list randomly all the words that come to mind when thinking of that word. After doing this with several words, you can take a word from two lists and form an illustrative idea. Kinda fun. here’s my list:

Next I did an internet search for ideas that came from my word list. Here are some of the images I used for reference:

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I had a few ideas, so I sketched them out:

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Next it was time to begin drafting in Illustrator. Here is my process:

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Really fun project, probably the most enjoyable of all, this semester. It was the very last assignment of all my classes, so I had time… I wasn’t rushed… no pressure. Rare, LOL.