Project 3: Photography

Light 1 - Outside

Light 1 – Outside

Light 2 - Inside

Light 2 – Inside

Focus 1 - Foreground

Focus 1 – Foreground

Focus 2 - Background

Focus 2 – Background

Composition 1- Thirds

Composition 1- Thirds

Composition 2 - Lead Room

Composition 2 – Lead Room

This was such a fun assignment.

For the first photo I wanted to be sure to get the sky nice and blue, so I set my meter on the sky, then brought the lens down to focus on the building. In Photoshop I straightened the photo and added a vibrance layer, which brought out more dark color of the wet concrete.

The second photo was set up in my living room on a north facing window at 6:30 AM. I have a dark curtain that made for a great backdrop, and I took the photo without a flash, using only the natural light from the window. I had my camera set to Low Key in the Scene mode. In Photoshop I enhanced the color by adding a vibrance layer.

For the next two photos, Focus 1 and Focus 2, I went to the McKay Library at BYU-Idaho and stacked a few books for the shoot. In Photoshop I added a little vibrance in a layer, then I cropped one of the photos slightly so it would match the other in the framing.

The fifth photo was taken not far from my home. I used my camera’s Thirds guide to place the peak of the building on the right third line. I enhanced the vibrance, added light and contrast, and changed the color of the sky slightly using the layer features in Photoshop. I also added a slight vignette around the edges, and smoothed the building image somewhat, to give the photo a dreamy feel.

For the last photo I added a vibrance layer in Photoshop to make the background a lot richer.

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